Astrology cancer men dating

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Here's why: Cancer guys are not spontaneous and don't do anything on a whim. They move very quickly when they see what they want.Everything is done with careful research, from the car he drives to the new phone he purchases. After all, Cancer men value stability above all things, and he'll take time deciding if you're safe. All this means is, he's asking you because he's thought long and hard about you as his girlfriend. Before we started dating, I told a mutual friend I wasn't sure how I felt about my now-boyfriend. Except, one can never fully know a Cancer, as anyone who has ever dated one will tell you.

Still, he'll be keeping score all the same, and he may even act out as a means to settle that score. There are some key things to know about staying in a relationship with a guy who's a Cancer. You'll never have to worry that he won't have enough money saved for that dream vacation you two planned or for the down payment on your first apartment together.Though he may not always show it, Cancers crave affection.So when you're with him, really be present with him.In fact, most Cancers respond passive-aggressively to such treatment.Armed with this knowledge, always proceed with gentleness and caution. Cancer guys are some of the most loving and steadfast partners in the zodiac. You'll find they are more than happy to sit back and let you talk about yourself all night, which is nice, but it makes getting to know them so much harder.

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