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Cygnus Ed Professional (Cygnus Soft) ....84 A full-featured text editor that seems to do it all. PROSCRIPT (New Horizons) ..93 A utility that can add Post Script printer support to several . Tracers (Microillusions) ....80 The action is fast and furious in this arcade-based I ron lightcyclc game.

PHOTON VIDEO: CEL ANIMATOR (Microillusions) 84 An animation package that can also synchronize video with sound. WARLOCK (Three-Sixty Pacific) 81 Be the warlock who tries to recover the magic Kama jewel in this 12-level strategy a reade ch a 11 cngc. A collection of professionally designed 3D models and components foruse with Videoscape 3D Modeler 3D*. Architectural Design™ Create 3D renderings of your dream house or build an entire 3D city from the ground up. Component parts include: doors, windows, arches, roofs, walls, stairways and a variety of architectural constructs. 75 Uninvited Championship Basketball 29,75 Pioneer Pjogue 27.

I know “proper” programmers write in C, hut BASIC (especially when structured) has its uses. 75 S H S3,95 30$ Minimum Order NO Credit Card Fee !

C, especially on the Amiga, is fiendishly hard to learn (I am trying! BASIC is good for trying out a general idea for a program without investing too much effort; and for some programs, BASIC is perfectly adequate anyway.

It has a user- dellnable palette of millions of colors, supports Post Script, and works with the latest update of Professional Page. Page Stream sends the outline to the printer and then directs it to fill in the outline at its maximum resolution. This makes using the many powerful features a breeze. Here’s some good advice on choosing the best kind of system for your needs, and installing it yourself.

There’s also an optional disk of predrawn structured clip art. The result is as smooth as you see above, Well this calls for some serious computing. Page Stream goes right to the core power of your Amiga because it is written in assembly language. You can see what effect each change will have before you click OK. This means that you are not limited to boxes for text or graphics. Page Stream Soft-Logik Publishing Corporation Call for a brochure or ask your dealer 1113IF S. Louis, MO 63123, PH 314 894-8608, FAX 314 894-3280, BBS 314 894-0057 Professional Page and Gold Disk arc trademarks of Gold Disk Inc. The Amjga World Hardware BUYER’S GUIDE Compiled by Jan Jackson: and Bob Ryan ...32 If it goes into, onto, or alongside your Amiga, it’s bound to he in our annual Hardware Buyer’s Guide.

Just place a graphic or begin typing anywhere on the page. Circle 211 on Reader Service card MARCH 1989 VOLUME 5, NUMBER 3 FEATURES Hard Times Ahead By Louis R. We’ve got the vital statistics on 245 Amiga products.

Shrink or expand your illustrations, and they'll still look great. Is there a quick and painless way to digitize drawings and photos for use in desktop published documents? Gold Disk has developed a hardware software interface for the Canon 1X12 black and white scanner. You can print your work out on popular color or black and white printers. GOLD DISK This entire ad was produced and color separated using Gold Disk’s Professional Page. The curves and lines of each character are much like a plot of points on a graph. We have created animated representations within the dialog boxes.

Comes complete with blueprints, models and design tips. Postmaster: Send address changes to Amigrt VYurld, Subscription Services, PO Box 58804, Boulder, CO 2-8804.

Look for these Amiga* 3D Design Disks, only $ 34.95 each, at your favorite computer store, or call 800-234-7001 toll free! Francisco, CA 94107 (415)957-0886 Antic Software Arctvt KJufal D«sgn D*k Hurr-*1 Deign Oik. Microbes Deign Dak, Antic Software and Antic are tradomarks ot Ante Pu OWirg Inc ; Amga S rs a fegste»od trademark o' Commodore Amga Inc . Nationally distributed by International Circulation Distributors. Amiga Wforld makes every effort to assure the accurate of articles, listings and circuits published in the magiuine.

I also had to take a break from programming with Benchmark Modula-2, keeping track of my potential clients with Superbase Professional (so far I have been too busy to customize data entry with Superbase's programming language), and handling my accounting with Maxi Plan Plus (including generation of pie, line, and 3-D bar graphs of relevant data).

Needless to say, with the Amiga’s multitasking, I can run all these programs simultaneously; if I add more memory to my system, I could also generate ray- traced images with Sculpt-31) in the background. S.: By the way, I had an opportunity to play Crystal Quest at a local store.

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