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For 20-year-old Anisha Kamat, opting to do her undergraduate studies in the US was a no-brainer.“Everything’s in full swing then – the campuses are buzzy and full of people.You can get a chance to see whether it feels like the kind of place you’d be happy.” If you are unsure she recommends contacting the admissions tutors through the university websites for more information.“The £9,000 annual tuition fees are making people do the sums more than they used to, and with scholarships on offer the fees look more affordable.Aside from the breadth of the course, they hear back about the impressive sports facilities and fantastic libraries, the 'school spirit’ and the personal attention they receive in classes – being taught by professors they’ve heard of rather than postgraduates.” The quality of a US university education made the headlines earlier this month when the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) was named the best university in the world by the annual QS World University Rankings (Cambridge was runner-up).

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