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He did not even smoke so why is someone who as a SEAL has been taught to look after their body become a junkie. Notoriety: The ship they were guarding, the Maersk Alabama, was made famous by the Oscar-nominated movie Captain Philips - the true story of the hijacking of the ship at the hands of Somali pirates three years ago The ship's Captain, Richard Phillips, was taken hostage by the gunmen and spent several days in a tense standoff that only ended when Navy SEALs snipers killed three of the hijackers by firing simultaneous shots into the lifeboat where Phillips was being held captive.Clean cut: Friends told Mail Online that Kennedy would never have abused his body with drugs. You can do any magic you want, wherever you want, and whenever you want. Incidentally, at the same moment, Harry got a look in his eyes that would've made Snape's hair turn white."Add in the relationship we thought you two had with Weasley," Susan sighed, "made sense that you wanted to find a place that wouldn't judge you . ""The second.""We were thinking about becoming muggles, but when we figured that you were going to make your own island we just sort of . ""Do you want me to start researching how to do it Harry? "Can Hannah and I join your school and country too? ""Friends," she agreed."Now about you wanting to take Ron's place? Elfses what is being allowed to be being cleans anything they is wants to be cleans as free elfses, yes? "IIIIIIIIIIHarry was sitting in the Common Room staring into the fire while his mind was still occupied with the bizarre conversation with the two Hufflepuffs. .""We know that," Susan agreed, "now.""Was there anything else then? He made a mental note to buy a pensive so that he could more closely observe the look of shocked horror on Hermione's face, he was fairly sure it topped the time someone had suggested that Draco acted like he did because he was attracted to Hermione and jealous of the time that Harry spent with her."Yeah," Hannah said, "we were hoping to come with you when you made your own country . " Harry now looked a bit like he'd been smacked in the head with a cricket bat - he was blankly parroting."All it takes is power and my Aunt Amelia thinks you have enough," Susan prompted, "didn't you know all of this? ""I have no idea what they're talking about Harry," Hermione muttered."Ok," Susan began, "you've noticed how . It's how Atlantis got started, they collapsed the capstone and sank it when the king went mad and thought the world was plotting against him.""Make it unplotable and bob's your uncle," Hannah continued, "Susan's Aunt Amelia figured that you had enough power to do it and we figured that Granger had researched all the charms to do it.""Joining the tournament under a fourth school fit too," Susan continued, "as a student of a fourth school the Hogwarts charter no longer applies to you. ."At that moment, far to the south, a certain Vernon Dursley shat his pants with an accompanying feeling a bit like someone had just run a steamroller over his grave. like we do.""Like you judge me or like you want to find a place that doesn't judge you? we just wanted to keep using magic.""Just because I wasn't planing to do it doesn't mean I can't," Harry mused, "it does have a certain appeal doesn't it? "It took us two days to work up the courage to approach you two and it's kind of embarrassing to find out that we were wrong about . " Hermione protested, shocked."I've always wanted to lay back on a pillow eating peeled grapes," Harry explained with a snicker.*POP*Harry's chair transformed into a beanbag chair and Dobby handed him a peeled grape."The Great Wizard Mr Harry Potter sir will be needing elfses in this great and magnificent new Mr Harry Potter Sir land! As long you leave the peeled grape feeding to human women, and burn that genie outfit you're wearing.""Is deal! ." she trailed off, thinking it best not to admit it when there could be someone listening."We could," Susan said reluctantly, "but it would mean leaving behind everything we've ever known.""Piss on the muggle world," Hannah agreed, "what's good for them is good for them, but I can't live without magic.""Maybe we could emigrate? the way they're pushing Harry, he's gonna do it anyway.""And with that arse Weasley out on his ear, there's an open spot . One second you're fine and the next minute 'BAMN' you're pinned beneath a massive amount of Puffs following their Dark Lord, Pajama The Terror! He didn't have to wait long as she looked around and saw that there was nobody in listening range, and said quietly, "Harry! Those girls might be up to something and we can't be too careful, you know how Hufflepuffs are. Harry smiled at Hermione as she moved to sit down next to him, wondering what she had discovered that had her so excited. He'd been entered into a contest that didn't so much have winners as survivors, his best friend Ron along with half the school wasn't speaking to him, the Press was airing a distorted version of his personal life for all to laugh at, and to top it all of a couple of Hufflepuff girls had been giving him odd looks all bloody day."What's wrong Harry," Hermione asked sympathetically, "the Prophet again? maybe one of them fancy's you," she added a tad nervously."I . " Hannah suggested."You had to tempt fate, didn't you? sorry, Harry," Hermione said as the group moved to somewhere more private."What's this about, then? " Hermione demanded."You weren't in a three way relationship with Harry and Ron then? IIIIIIIIIIThe next day found them all in the library researching the spells they'd need to create their new home. "Not to mention how they've treated me since my name came out of the bloody cup.""I see." Minerva looked at Harry sadly. Potter." Minerva made a mental note to go through the records to back up his claim. Potter to have the same amount of support given to students from the other schools. On an Island in The Sun Harry was miserable, it seemed that everything that could go wrong in his life was happening. "Before Harry could respond, an unexpected voice butted in."Before you do that," Susan cleared her throat, "Hannah and I would like to have a chat with the two of you."Harry muttered something that sounded a bit like 'oh shit' mainly because it was, but at a low enough volume that Hermione couldn't scold him for."Perhaps we could take this to one of the study rooms? " Any number of charms and potions could be used to make a temporary change, permanent was doable but much more difficult."Don't . "Please.""Okay," Hannah agreed, a look of confusion on her face, wondering what the big deal about occasionally switching genders was. Looking up they both seemed to realize they were still holding each other and broke apart, blushing. "And perhaps another group of first years won't be shunned because they lost a few points to a biased Professor." Harry sighed. ." she looked a bit lost."Breathing too loud is one of Snape's favorites," Harry suggested."Thank you, Mr.

" She couldn't believe that they could get away with printing such distorted stories about her best friend."Let's go to the library," Harry said. " Harry growled, directing a dirty look in Hermione's general direction."I'm sure they aren't planning to destroy the school," Hermione said weakly, "right? " Harry asked, all businesses after the door had closed and looking a bit like he expected one of the Puffs to turn out to be the reincarnation of Adolph Hitler."Wait a mo..." Hermione commanded. if you want another boy then I'm willing to transform and . The fact that a few of the spells could help Harry survive the Triwizard was just a bonus."Come look at this," Hannah gasped."What are you looking at? "The rules of the Triwizard, why are you looking at that? you too, Hermione.""Harry," Susan began in an odd voice, "I would like to formally request admission in your new school.""So would I," Hannah was a heartbeat behind her fellow puff."I . "For breathing too loudly.""Will that be all, Professor? Potter."IIIIIIIIIIDumbledore's eyes began twinkling like mad the moment he learned that three of his students had transferred to Harry's school."An elegant solution, don't you think Fawkes? It also allows them to avoid serving any detentions," he added as an afterthought, "masterfully played. Granger in all of this."With that, Dumbledore put the matter out of his head.

Investigation: Family and friends can't believe the super-fit Kennedy, nicknamed Captain America because of his clean-cut image could have died from a heroin overdose and they are demanding a US inquiry Squalid: Local police say the pair were seen with two known prostitutes.

The women claim they went with the men to buy heroin after they were asked to leave a casino at 3am.

One possibility is that the heroin found in Kennedy's cabin could have been mixed with fertiliser or another chemical.

The exact make-up of the brown powder found in the cabin will not be know for at least three weeks.

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