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Bob Young, 41, and his 8-year-old daughter Annabelle Young, both of Concord, Vt., died in the collapse.

(CBS/AP) — The two people who were killed when a circus tent collapsed during a storm were a father and daughter.

Fire Marshal William Degnan said it was the first time his agency had investigated a tent collapse.

He asked that anyone with images or video of the event to contact his office.

"These archetypes convey little information beyond the sexual appeal of the woman in question. Anderson points out that food writers do this because writing about food is inherently boring and sex with women is not.

And food writers repeat the pernicious belief that women are valuable only insofar as men want to look at them or sleep with them: matron bad, "it" girl good," Slate's L. Though if these lazy comparisons continue, the latter won't be true for very long.

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How this turns into talk about a woman's looks and a heterosexual male (or lesbian) sex drive, is still hard to explain.

That same article also included this quote, which again equates Pinot Noir to sex: "Anyone who makes Pinot Noir just wants to get laid." And that same article also goes on to equate Pinot Noir to a type of female beauty that isn't "slutty": Greg Crone, the brand manager of New Zealand's Brancott Vineyards, likened wine drinkers' developing appreciation of Pinot to a man's maturing taste in women.

It was, he said, like graduating from Pamela Anderson to Grace Kelly.

After all, we don't see Rieslings being compared to the guy in the club with a fedora who shoots finger guns while dancing.

Nor do we see Gruner Veltliner written about like your friend's Ivy-league, cashmere crew-neck wearing, educated cousin who has a great smile, is funny, volunteers at the Boys and Girl's Club and possesses a firm handshake.

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