Philips gogear always updating

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The name of your Go Gear device appears in the menu under "Devices" in Songbird.

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Namely, I need to have an MP3 player that, when you turn it off and then turn it back on, commences exactly where it left off.

This little mp3 player is very easy to use..plugged it in my windows media and there you have it. Were you to use the earphones that it came with, you'd try to turn up the volume too. At the time of this review, bought the product for 19.99.

Only drawback is it takes a bit to load every time you turn it on and the volume only reaches to 20 and would not go up further and a message would flash long hours and high volume damage hearing. If you're using it just for music, then it works great and the price is very nice too for a 4 gig.

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Had a real bad panic attack today while charging my Philips Go Gear Mp3 Player. :)After a quick google search I found that we do a soft reset by pressing the power button and volume up ( ) button together. So I decided to do a hard reset by pressing the reset button (its a small hole next to usb connection socket) with a safety pin.

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