Should whites dating blacks dating in ksa

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Whatever the answer is, we must understand that it can lie along a continuum, rather than accepting the false dilemma that interracial marriage must be wrong in either circumstances.Any reasonably pious Christian will view the light of Scripture as the inerrant and perfect means by which we approach truth on any issue, and therefore he would presumably desire to know what the Bible has to say about the topic of interracial marriage.

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He clearly could not be accused of white supremacy for being against miscegenation.Consider how America, including blacks, has historically opposed miscegenation.Consider also that many more examples than those above could likewise be produced.More importantly, he helped to provide more of a rationale behind his position. We just want to stay black.” According to Muhammad Ali, opposition to interracial marriage need have nothing to do with animosity one’s own race.This rationale is important to acknowledge as we investigate the moral status of miscegenation.

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