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Watching my young son have as a good time running around in Super Mario 64 as I did all those years ago almost brings a tear to the eye. But, I always asked myself why you didn't released it open source (for example GPL) long time ago, when the emulation of N64 was much more attractive. In general the 1.6 versions are better, specifically 1.6 has more emulation and game fixes.

There are features missing from 1.6 like centralized configuration in Project64.cfg, as well as texture loading capabilities in the graphics plugin which had debatable usefulness. I am currently using 1964 0.85 (with Pistol Grip's unofficial 0.85 exe) and also using your awesome 1.6.1 video plugin.

Many of the improvements in this update are from Project64 1.7 beta, and some are last minute fixes.

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updating gameshark-75

Made a backup before I ran it so I don't ever have to do it again.Just wondering if it would be easy to make the new Jabo 1.6.1 work with the 'enbseries dx8 to dx9 converter' or not?If Jabo tells me it is a waste of time or effort to pursue trying to use custom pixel shader effects with a dx8 plugin then I will accept that view and forget the idea completely. [edit] lmao never mind, guess you couldn't fix it either On this site, a link like that may need character escapes XD And yeah I noticed last week though just re-installed elsewhere using an official installer, copied the modified plugins, then uninstalled. Due to the way the plugins access various configurations (in the system registry or even local text) connected to Project64, being that they were designed for that specific emulator, isolating them from the Project64 package introduced a few technical concerns.There is a patch available to apply these updates as well as a ZIP archive for those who prefer to download and manage the files directly.If you use the patch file make sure you have install 1.6 first.

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